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I'm so tired

The show ended about 10:30/10:40ish, I'm not sure. But, my God, that show motherfucking rocked dude. Jesus. I got headbutted, I fell down, just once though surprisingly, I got my mouth hit by somebody(I think Mario pushed me into someone) and my lip slammed into my braces, I have a cut there, but it didn't bleed, I got beer spilled on me, Luke pushed me a few times, Karl and Helen got up on stage w/ the opening act, I about passed out from heat, lack of air and dehidration, I met this really cool dude, his name is Jona(sp??) and his band is dong The Battle of the Bands on Friday at the Civic Center at 7, I'm totally going, and I kicked ass in the mosh pit(not really, but...). That was the best time I've ever had! My God... And the opening act, they were so good, I think I liked them better then RBF*eek*. And their local! They're called I Voted for Kodos. Here's their website: check em out, they rock. And poor Rick, he needs to watch out for flying guitars. Now I just have to finish drying my bra which I had to wash this morning, then go to school. I should do my french and english work while I'm waiting, too.

I did have fun at RBF.
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