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Come on over...

...and do the twist. *smiles* hehe... I'm a bad person. Maybe I shouldn't know... But, I need to. I'm not sure if it's curiosity, or if I really need to know it. I told him I needed to, but, why do I wonder? Before, w/ shit like this, he wouldn't tell me because he thought it was stupid, but now he won't tell me because he's afraid it will ruin everything. Just, cut the last cable. But, he says it isn't how he really feels, so why is it a big deal? As long as I know he doesn't really feel like that, whatever "that" may be, it shouldn't bother me. Yeah, it may hurt, but for some reason I want that. As much as the comments from Nate, Gordon and Addie hurt, and how increadibly hard it was to read them, I read them over and over, each time getting harder. It hurt, a lot. Because I know that's how they really feel. But, if I know it's not how he feels, then why should it matter? Eh, maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. Oh well, when he gets back on I will see how far I can get. I care about him A LOT, and I want to know how he's feeling...
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