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I changed my mind

He doesn't have to tell me what was in the email. That doesn't even seem worth it, to bug him about something he REALLY doesn't want to give me. I guess I should really respect that. If he thinks it might cause a lot of problems, maybe he's right. But, after what I just thought about, it doesn't seem that important. It's his desicion to make, not mine. Ok, but this is what I was thinking about.

I was thinking about Nate and Addie and Gordon, and I read my journal entrys and their replys, and realized, they are as full as shit as I am, more infact. They heard what they didn't want to. It was ok for Nate to be mad at me, and ok for Gordon and Addie to fuck w/ my head like that, but it wasn't ok for me to get mad about it. Jesus. What fucking hypocrits. What was I thinking letting myself get so fucking hurt by their comments? Sometimes I really baffle myself...

You know, when I said 'fuck you' to them, I ment it. And I'll say it again. Nate, Addie, Gordon, FUCK YOU. If you guys ever read this, don't try to drag me down w/ your immature comments, it won't work this time. Fuck you.
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