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I'm in the school library right now

As some of you know, my docter took me out of grym this unit(track) because of my ankles. THey didn't form right, my tendane isn't long enough.:P Weezer. I heard one of their songs on the radio this morning. The new one, and I was stupid enough to already forget what it's called. I finished my homework, so I have nothing to work on. Boo. I'm bored. I wish I could get on AIM, but they delited it. I wish I could spell. So... This girl Michelle is talking to the libraryien, who is a total racist bitch, and the helper, who is a complete moron, SERIOUSLY. Ugh, I'm so bored... What am I supposed to do in here. God! They just told me to take off my headphones. Man... That's just great. And I'm defenitly NOT going to ask the guy I like to dance w/ me, even though my friends are pressuring me to. Shit on them. I gotta go, the periods almost over and I have to log off the computer.
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