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I got this from my newist friend Kriz...*I stole it, YAY!*

SO I got this from Kriz, I'm bored so I'm going to fill it out.

I friend Hannah watching Mtv*BLAH*
I dog is a bitch
I want...a lot of things that I don't deserve.
I have...a stolen Nevermind tab book in my guitar case.
I hate...basicly everything.
I miss...Adam and Nate.
I fear..Mtv.
I feel...sick and in pain.
I hear..."Alien She" by Bikini Kill
I smell...air?
I crave...a boyfriend
I wonder...what Jonas is doing
I regret...not talking to Jonas today AT ALL
When was the last time you...
Smiled? about 2 hours ago.
Laughed? about 2 hours ago
Cried? last night
Bought something? my ticket to The Battle of the Bands today at the Civic Center
Danced? Today at another shitty school dance w/ the same fucking horrible DJ!
Were sarcastic? Today at lunch...?
Kissed someone? Never truley kissed anyone
Talked to an ex? yesterday, I called him an ass and told him not to anal rape me going down the stairs from lunch at school
Watched your favorite movie? no idea
Had a nightmare?I don't think I've ever had one...
Last book you read: A Clockwork Orange
Last movie you saw: I dunno...
Last movie you saw on the big screen: beats me shitless
Last song you heard: "Better Off Dead" by NFG
last time you showered: yesterday, I'm due for one
Last thing you ate: pizza
Do You...
Smoke? no
Do drugs? no
Have sex? no
Sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, my stuffed tiger, Hobbes, who I've had sence I was 8
Live in the moment? no
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I fucking wish
Have a dream that keeps coming back? no
Play an instrument? guitar
Believe there is life on other planets? maybe...
Been in love? yeah...
Still love him/her? yeah...
Read the newspaper? rarley
Have any gay or lesbian friends? yeah
Believe in miracles? probebly not
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? maybe....
Consider yourself tolerant of others? NO.
Consider love a mistake? no, just really painfull
Like the taste of alcohol? depends...
Have a favorite candy? I dunno
Believe in Astrology? maybe
Believe in magic? no, not really
Believe in God? I really don't know, leading tword no
Pray? Once in the last year. Nate asked me to, and I did. I did it for him
Go to church? no
Have any secrets? God yes
Have any pets? a kitty, Pebbles, a bitch doggie, D'Arcy, a birdie, Tenwood, a rabbie, Happy Doodle and some fishys
Talk to strangers who instant message you? yes, I just hate it when they IM me w/ "ASL"
Wear hats? yeah
Have any piercings? no
Have any tattoos? no
Hate yourself? yes, very much
Have an obsession? music
Collect anything? no
Have a best friend? no
Wish on stars? not a lot.
Like your handwriting? sometimes
Have any bad habits? everything I do
Care about looks? I try my best not to, but yeah, especially my own :(
Believe in witches? not really
Believe in Satan? I dunno b
Believe in ghosts? maybe
Believe in Santa? YES! no...
Believe in the Easter Bunny? no
Believe in the Tooth Fairy? no
Trust others easily? NO. that certain someone knows that VERY well
Like noise? YES
Take walks in the rain? sometimes
Kiss with your eyes closed? havn't kissed...
Sing in the shower? no
Own handcuffs? no
Have any scars? on my ankle and on the side of my hand from when I was 5 and my sister locked me out of the house and I was banging on the screen window, and thought it was plastic and my hand went through it and I had to get stiches
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u have a rabbi. i wish i had a rabbi... where do they sell those? :o
u forgot some stuff mLe. Jenny knows.....
i know all...